Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sounds from the Tall House - Dec 26/10 - Special Guest Co-host Guy Goldston

Play lists follow this format: Artist - Album - Song - Label

Group Inerane - Guitars from Agadez - Telalit - Sublime Frequencies
Electroluminescent - Live @ Ed Video, Jan 28/10 - Live @ Ed Video, Jan 28/10 - Unreleased
Hobo Cubes - Blaze Factor - Shining from Beyond - NNA Tapes
Jon Mueller - The Whole - Hearts - Type
Sylvester Angfang II - s/t - Boom Van De Eerste Menstruatie - Aurora Borealis
The Band Whose Name is a Symbol - Biker Smell - Pantheon of Fuckery Part II - Birdman
Barn Owl - Ancestral Star - Visions in Dust - Thrill Jockey
Evan Caminiti - West Winds - Black Desert Blooming - Three Lobed
Sean McCann - Fable Shop - Ocean Lane - Cylindrical Habitat Shop

Pt. 1 - show starts at 1 min 50 sec

Pt. 2

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sounds from the Tall House - Dec 12/10 - Tapes! Tapes! (Mostly) Tapes!

Play lists follow this format: Artist - Album - Song - Label

Barn Owl - Ancestral Star - Ancestral Star - Thrill Jockey
Solo Andata - Ritual - Incantare - Desire Path
Celer - Compositions for Cassette - Compositions for Cassette I - Avant Archive
Hobo Cubes - Blaze Factor - Centrefold Creatures - NNA Tapes
Electroluminescent - A Settling of Scores - Engineer - Cloud Valley
Sean McCann - Nocturne - Distant Reminder - Jugular Forest
Kellen Shipley - Found Out West - Wildflowers Rising - Cloud Valley

Pt. 1 - show starts at 5 min 20 sec

Pt. 2


Famous Korean Percussionist to Appear at Guelph Symposium
Do not miss the chance to see internationally renowned improvising percussionist Dong- Won Kim appearing as part of a symposium on creative improvisation held in Guelph this coming week. Entitled “The Improvising Eye,” the symposium will be held in a number of downtown Guelph venues on Friday 17th December, from 1pm-10pm, and will include talks, interviews, film showings, and performances.

Dong-Won Kim (Music, Wonkwang Digital University, Korea) is well-known for his pioneering work with the Silk Road Ensemble, and for his collaborations with award-winning cellist, Yo-Yo Ma. He also appears in the Australian documentary film Intangible Asset No.82, directed by Emma Franz (2009), which has won a number of coveted prizes at film festivals across the world. He will be interviewed live on stage by Joshua Pilzer (Faculty of Music, University of Toronto), as part of the afternoon program of events. He will also be performing later in the evening in a very special evening

“The Improvising Eye” symposium starts at 1PM at 10 Carden Street, Guelph. The first event is an interview with Guelph improvising film-makers Mauricio Martinez and Nicholas Loess (University of Guelph), followed by a film showing of Martinez’s experimental film The Improvising Eye. The Dong-Won Kim interview will take place at 3PM.

At 4 PM, the symposium will reconvene at the Guelph Public Library, starting with a free afternoon tea. The afternoon session from 4-5:30 PM features Dr Sara Villa (Centre de recherche en éthique, Université de Montréal), speaking on “Jazz and Beat Poetry at the Dawn of the New American Cinema.”

At 8 PM, at Norfolk United Church, Dong-Won Kim will be performing as a very special guest in the last event of the program, a concert with local Guelph favourites The Vertical Squirrels. The music of the Vertical Squirrels is group-improvised, live in the moment, and draws on a unique mixture of free jazz and post rock sensibilities with nods to Indian ragas, jazz-inflected minimalism, Zappa-esque bouts of sonic anarchy, and 70s German rock music. Their new recording, Hold True, has recently been released on the prestigious Ambiances Magnétiques label and was recently the #1 release on the Top 30 Independent Radio Charts on CFRU-FM in Guelph. The group features Ajay Heble (piano), Daniel Fischlin (guitars), Lewis Melville (bass), and Ted Warren (drums).

All events at “The Improvising Eye” are free and open to the public.

This symposium is presented by the Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice (ICASP) research initiative at the University of Guelph. ICASP is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

For more information, contact Rebecca Caines. Email or telephone 519 824 4120 Ext. 52316.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sounds from the Tall House - Dec 5/10

Play lists follow this format: Artist - Album - Song - Label

Jack Rose - Black Dirt Sessions - Song for the Owl - 3 Lobed
Jack Rose - Luck in the Valley - Tree in the Valley - Thrill Jockey
Jack Rose - Kensington Blues - Cross the North Fork - VHF
Bill Orcutt - Way Down South - Way Down South (Excerpt) - Palialia
Reuben Son - Unreleased - Stereo Guitar - Unreleased
Tom Carter - Skyline Grinder - Skyline Grinder - 3 Lobed
Vertical Squirrels - Hold True - Ah/Ha! - Ambiances Magnetiques
Vertical Squirrels - Hold True - Amnesiaville - Ambiances Magnetiques
Sun Araw - Off Duty - Deep Temple - Woodsist
Richard Pinhas - Metal/Crystal - Paranoia (Iridium) - Cuneiform
Robert Horton - Interdigitate - Clavicle - Anti-Guru
Solo Andata - Ritual - Carving - Desire Path

Pt. 1 - show starts at 5 min 30 sec

Pt. 2

Night is a Thief that Steals All the Colours

Sending out 2021 with this little slice of wax.  Sounds courtesy of Hymns57 and M. Mucci .  Clear 10" lathe in hand stamped jacket wit...