The Tall House Recording Co. Release Info

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Marion/Mucci - Mastodonian - (THR-016)
Cassette edition of 12
Second pro-dub edition of 30
Ecotone - Littoral - (THR-015)
Cassette edition of 30
Hymns57/M. Mucci - Night is a Thief that Steals all the Colours - (THR-014)
Lathe cut 10" edition of 40
Jon Collin/M. Mucci - Split (THR-013)
LP edition of 100
Bonnie Trash/M. Mucci - Split (THR-012)

Lathe cut 10" edition of 30

M. Mucci - Absurdity/Glow (THR-011)

Lathe cut 7" edition of 20

 M. Mucci/Jakob Rehlinger - Split (THR-010)

CD edition of 50

M. Mucci/anthene - Sleep Patterns (THR-009)

Double CD edition of 50

M. Mucci - Don't Be Afraid (THR-008)

CD edition of 100

M. Mucci - Live at Silence - Mar 28 14/Live at the Yeti - Aug 23 14 (THR-007)

Cassette edition of 40, one performance for lap steel guitar and one performance for electric guitar

M. Mucci - Dangerous Summer (THR-006)

LP editions of 150, recorded in collaboration with Ben Grossman 

M. Mucci - Days Blur Together (THR-005)

CDr edition of 20. 

M. Mucci - Time Lost LP (THR - 004)

LP edition of 300 plus download code. 

M. Mucci - Fundraiser EP (THR-003)

All proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to a Cancer researcher at Mount Sinai/Princess Margaret Hospitals in Toronto. 3" mini CD $5 postage paid anywhere in the world

SOLD OUT - $3000 raised!

M. Mucci - Late Last Night 3" CDr (THR-002)

3" mini CD. Edition of 79.  SOLD OUT.

M. Mucci - Under the Tulip Tree CD (THR-001)

The first album.

Night is a Thief that Steals All the Colours

Sending out 2021 with this little slice of wax.  Sounds courtesy of Hymns57 and M. Mucci .  Clear 10" lathe in hand stamped jacket wit...