Mucci Discography

Solo Releases

M. Mucci - Demo (2007)

M. Mucci - On the Sunny Side of Guelph EP (Small Biter Records, 2007)

M. Mucci - Under the Tulip Tree CD (Tall House Recording Co., 2008)

M. Mucci - Late Last Night 3" mini CD (Tall House Recording Co., 2008)

M. Mucci - s/t - fundraiser 3" mini CD (Tall House Recording Co., 2009)

M. Mucci - Time Lost LP/mp3 (Tall House Recording Co., 2010)

M. Mucci - The Secret is Knowing When to Close Your Eyes MC/mp3 (Private Chronology, 2011)

M. Mucci - Days Blur Together CDr/mp3 (Tall House Recording Co., 2012)

M. Mucci - Apri L'Occhi MC/mp3 (Cassettstival, 2012)

M. Mucci w/Ben Grossman - Dangerous Summer LP/mp3 (Tall House Recording Co., 2013)

M. Mucci - Midnights MC/mp3 (Ambivalent Soap, 2014)

M. Mucci - Live at the Yeti Aug 23/14 DL (Tall House Recording Co., 2014)

M. Mucci - Secret Midnights (reissue compilation of Secret is Knowing When to Close Your Eyes (2011) and Midnights (2014)) MC/mp3 (Arachnidisc Recordings, 2015)

M. Mucci - Live at Silence/Live at the Yeti MC (Tall House Recording Co., 2015)

M. Mucci - Don't Be Afraid CD (Tall House Recording Co., 2015)

M. Mucci/Anthene - Sleep Patterns 2xCD split album (Tall House Recording Co./Polar Seas, 2016)

M. Mucci - Absurdity/Glow 7" lathe cut (Tall House Recording Co., 2017)

M. Mucci/Jakob Rehlinger - Split - CD (Tall House Recording Co., 2018) 

M. Mucci/Bonnie Trash - Split - 10" lathe cut (Tall House Recording Co., 2019) 

M. Mucci/Jon Collin - Split - LP (Tall House Recording Co., 2021) 

M. Mucci/Hymns57 - Night is a Thief that Steals All the Colours - 10" lathe cut (Tall House Recording Co., 2021) 

Ecotone - Littoral - MC - (Tall House Recording Co./ur Audio Visual, 2022)

M. Mucci - An Ending - 2022 - (digital only, bandcamp release, 2022) 

Marion/Mucci - Mastodonian - MC - (Tall House Recording Co., 2023) 

M. Mucci - To Dwell in Peace - (digital only, bandcamp release, 2023)

Compilation Appearances and Contributions

The Ward - Live at Corner Sound, September 13, 2007 appears on Out of Sound Records' Last Canadian Mixtape (2008)

The Culprits appears on CFRU 93.3FM's Just West of Something Big (2008)

The Culprits (live) appears on The Attic Live DVD (2009)

Fragments of electric guitar appear on Anonymeye's contribution to the Woven Compilation by Twice Removed (Australia) CDr (2012)

Electric guitar, lapsteel and 12 string guitar contributions to Nathanael Larochette's Threshold of Transformation album (2012)

The Ward (Re-visited) appears on Sideways Through Sound's Share the Love - Support Real Radio compilation (October 2012)

Live at MSAC, Nov 29/12 (excerpt) appears on The Upstate Soundscapes Vol 1: Winter 2013 compilation (January 2013)

Watching the First Snowfall appears on the Sounds Eternal's The Eternal Sounds of Winter compilation (February 2013)

Dangerous Summer appears on Suoni per il Popolo 13 compilation (June 2013)

0/3 appears on Tompkins Square's Imaginational Anthem Volume 7 compilation (February 2015)

The Ward Re-visited - Harris St. appears on InvocationTO Vol 1 compilation (June 2015)

Fermi, non dite piu niente appears on A Light, A Glimmer compilation issued by Polar Seas Recordings (June, 2018)

For N.M appears on Postcards from Slow Places compilation issued by the Lines Community Recording project (February, 2019)

Electric guitar and 12 string guitar contributions to Babel's Thirteen Exquisite Corpses album (2019) on Arachnidiscs Recordings

What Comes Next? appears on the Guelph Tomorrow compilation issued independently by Guelph musicians (2020) as a fundraiser for the Guelph Black Heritage Society’s “Change Starts Now” fundraising campaign. 

What Comes Next? (Goodbye Cruel Year), digital single (2020)

Guitar and lapsteel contributions to anthéne's track 'primrose' from the album held (2021) on oscarson

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Night is a Thief that Steals All the Colours

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