Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sounds from the Tall House - Aug 1/10 - Special 3 hour edition

Play lists follow this format: Artist - Album - Song - Label

Loren Connors/Jim O'Rourke - Are You Going To Stop...In Bern? - Now Who Are These Guys? - Hatology
Loren Connors/Jim O'Rourke - Are You Going To Stop...In Bern? - Still Going... - Hatology
Alex Durlak - Rural Route No. 4 - Catalyst - Standard Form

Chat with special guest Steve Sladkowski and of his musical selections:
John Zorn/Fred Frith - Late Works - Baffled Hats - Tzadik
Lionel Loueke - Mwaliko - Griot - EMI/Bluenote
Ted's Warren Commission - Soungs for Doug - Haiku - self-released
Bill Frisell - Disfarmer - Farmer/Focus - Nonesuch
Follow Steve's music here:
Follow the Guelph Improvised Music Series

Bill Orcutt - A New Way to Pay Old Debts - My Reckless Parts - Palilalia
Daniel Higgs - Hymprovisations for Banjo - Hymprovisation #1 - Ideal
Reuben Son - Sensual Square - Sensual Square - Private Chronology

Chat with special guest Rebecca Caines and some of her selections from the Sound[E]Scapes project:
August sessions
Soundscape Thingy
Le Chovele
Australian sound scapes
From the Porch
Soundscape 2B

Learn more about the Sound[E]Scapes project here:

Ayal Senior - Normal Galaxy Blues - Attack on Alpha 9 - Medusa
Loren Chasse - Green Laughter - Green Laughter - Jewelled Antler/Porter

Pt. 1 - show starts at 13 min 31 sec


Pt. 3

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  1. Thanks for having me on the show to talk about the Community Sound [e]Scapes project, it was really great to chat with you, interesting questions that made me think and a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning!




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