Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sounds from the Tall House - May 22/11 - We Made It!; Post Rapture Edition

Play lists follow this format: Artist - Album - Song - Label

Glenn JonesEven to Win is to Fail Even to Win is to Fail Thrill Jockey

Glenn Jones Even to Win is to Fail Anchor Chain Blues Thrill Jockey
Musk Ox s/t Entre La Terre, Et Le Ciel Absurdist
Musk Ox s/t Lullaby for Ghosts Absurdist
Matthew Mullane Solo Acoustic Volume Four Once Was, Is Once Again (Part II) Vin Du Select Qualitite
Bill Orcutt A New Way to Pay Old Debts Lip Rich Palialia

Donato Esposito s/t I Solchi Scavati Dai Tuoi Lampi Blackest Rainbow

Carousell Black Swallow & Other Songs Which is the Blood Digitalis

Ben Grossman n/a Live Plunder Piece
Caroline Park Grain Minor Pigeon Private Chronology
The North Sea Last Great November City View Private Chronology
Xela My Memories of Gallifrey Cloister Bell Blues Private Chronology
Reuben Son
Sensual Square
Briskly Burning
Private Chronology

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

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